Perfect Picture Book Friday: PORCUPETTE AND MOPPET

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! It’s been a really busy week and tomorrow I’ll be helping my daughter celebrate her 40th birthday…oh my goodness…it’s hard to believe it was 40 years ago that we brought that precious bundle of sweetness home.


Caroline continues to be a most precious light in my life…I think she was three years old in this photo – a total little moppet, wouldn’t you say?

Which leads us to our Perfect Picture Book for today…but wait! I have a book to give away – a copy of Dawn Young’s THE NIGHT BAAFORE CHRISTMAS. And the winner is:


Congratulations, Beth…I will connect you and Dawn!

Hmmm…where was I? Oh, that’s right. We were talking about little moppets.

porqupette and moppet


Written by Nadine Poper

Illustrated by Alicia Young

Published by Blue Whale Press (2019)

Ages: 4-8

Themes: Reading, paying attention, getting along

Synopsis: From the publisher’s website:

Porcupette loves to spend days alone in the quiet forest reading. But when Moppet, a bumbling predatI lor, comes along with his silly antics and non-stop rambling, Porcupette’s sanctuary is turned topsy-turvy. When Moppet finally makes his move, they both get a big surprise that suggests Moppet should read more, and Porcupette should listen more carefully. Alicia Young’s delightful art brings even more life and humor to Nadine Poper’s fun and educational story about a porcupine, a fisher, and their natural relationship in the wild.

Why I love this book:

  • I love books about books/reading and the text creates drama and tension as we, the readers, know that something ‘fishy’ is up with this fisher.
  • Kids will love the wonderful humor – Porcupette wants to be left alone to read – and I totally know how she feels! But she is so preoccupied, she doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the danger she might be in.
  • Illustrations are fabulous!

Here’s a little bit about author Nadine Poper

Nadine Poper is an elementary librarian for an urban Pennsylvania school district who loves how fortunate she is to be surrounded all day by books and children to share them with.

As a mom to three boys and two dachshunds, Nadine became a huge wiener dog fan and self-published three children’s books about dachshunds.

She is also a foster home for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and donates portions of those book sales to the rescue.

When not writing, Nadine loves to travel to dog and dachshund events with her family, gardening in her Blandon, Pennsylvania backyard, and of course reading children’s literature. You can connect with her

And find out more about her books:


porcupine paper platePhoto courtesy:

Everyone probably knows how much I love paper plate crafts…they are inexpensive, easy to do with young kids, and so much fun! For detailed instructions:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: PORCUPETTE AND MOPPET

  1. What an adorable craft you’ve found to go with Nadine’s awesome book! This looks like a book I’d love to curl up with while ignoring the rest of the world…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like a great book, Vivian! I love books that warmly connect to children’s feelings and add humor. The illustrations are really sweet, too. And happy birthday to your own sweet moppet!


  3. This book has an adorable cover. I am headed to Goodreads to add it to my want to read list. I hope you have an excellent weekend too!


  4. Vivian, your daughter and my son were born the same year! How can it have been 40 years ago? Happy birthday, Caroline!
    Thank you, Vivian, for sharing this picture book. I love the adorable cover! It sounds like a fun way to teach an important lesson! Congratulations, Nadine, and Happy Book Birthday!


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