Happy Book Birthday: THE STORY OF THE WRIGHT BROTHERS Plus Giveaway

How lucky are we??? It’s a book birthday for THE STORY OF THE WRIGHT BROTHERS and WE are getting the gift, thanks to author Annette Whipple. She is offering a giveaway of a copy of this fabulous new chapter book!


Written by Annette Whipple

Published by Rockridge Press (Today!)

Ages: 6-12

Themes: Inventors, perseverance, airplanes

Synopsis: From Amazon:

Discover the lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright

A story about making ideas take flight

The Wright brothers were the first people ever to build and fly an airplane, doing what many people at the time didn’t think was possible. Before they made history with their airplane, Wilbur and Orville were curious kids who loved learning about the world around them and how it worked. They fell in love with the idea of flying and taught themselves everything they needed to know to make their dream come true.

Explore how the Wright brothers went from young boys growing up in Ohio to world-famous inventors, aviators, and businessmen. How will their hard work and big imaginations inspire you?

The Story of the Wright Brothers includes:

  • Lasting change―Learn about how the Wright brothers’ inventions changed how we live today.
  • Helpful glossary―Find definitions for someen of the more advanced words and ideas in the book.
  • Visual timeline―Watch the Wright brothers progress from curious kids to famous flyers.

Explore how Wilbur and Orville brought their dreams to life in this fun and colorful biography for kids.

The book launches TODAY! And I can’t wait to give my copy to my 11-year old grandson who wants to be a pilot! I love how the book encourages kids to interact with it.

inside spread 3

And I love how it’s informational, but also a real story that engages kids.

inside spread 1This is a book for curious kids…and for kids who don’t even know they are curious.

inside spread 2

I know that some of you have done Work-For-Hire books…but many others have questions about it. And fortunately, this book was a WFH and luckily, Annette stopped by to fill us in on how it happened for her.

ANNETTE: I loved researching and writing about the Wright brothers. I didn’t know a lot about them before I was asked by Callisto Media/Rockridge Press to write The Story of the Wright Brothers.

It was a work-for-hire (WFH) project, so the publisher came up with the idea and hired me to write it. (Curious about WFH? Learn more about work-for-hire here. [https://www.annettewhipple.com/2019/01/writing-for-educational-market.html]) My editor had a detailed vision for the book and provided an outline. My own research took me down some additional rabbit trails, but most of the final book was based on the editor’s outline about Wilbur and Orville Wright.

It was an awe-inspiring moment when I realized Wilbur Wright was born the very same year as Laura Ingalls Wilder: 1867. As I learned about how the Wright brothers grew up, I often thought about how different Laura’s childhood was as a pioneer on the American frontier. Wilbur and Orville grew up to invent the first airplane (which makes them pioneers of a different kind). Laura wrote about her childhood in the Little House books.

The Story of the Wright Brothers comes out on July 28. Just a week later, my book The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide releases on August 4. It’s a great time to be curious and learn about how these pioneers (of different kinds) became part of American history.

Wow…this is great, Annette. Thank you so much. We are all grateful that you shared with us!

And now, to my dear readers: To be entered for a chance to win a copy of this fabulous book, please leave a comment and share the post on your social media channels. In your comment, maybe you can tell us about your first plane ride…mine was the day I got married and left for St. Thomas with my husband for our honeymoon.

If you can’t wait to see if you will be the lucky winner, please order a copy here, or from your local indie bookstore. And don’t forget that reviews on Amazon and other sites are extremely important for authors!

And please make sure to be back here on Saturday, August 1 for a fabulous Will Write for Cookies Q&A with author Annette Whipple! She’ll be sharing some of her writing journey and news about her OTHER new book: THE LAURA INGALLS WILDER COMPANION.


14 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: THE STORY OF THE WRIGHT BROTHERS Plus Giveaway

  1. I am thrilled Annette wrote this book! Airplanes are part of our family DNA. My grandmother grew up near the Wright Brothers in Dayton. My father had a private pilot’s license. My brother flies all over the world as captain for Atlas Air. My nephew and niece train pilots on flight simulators and in small planes.I could go on and on. I am not a pilot but I love to fly. My first flight was on a DC 8 from the USA to Peru when I was 2 years old. I remember the stewardess passed out Dentyne gum for us to chew to help us pop our ears.

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  2. Congratulations, Annette! Looking forward to reading this book. My first airplane ride was to Miami when I was in college. No sooner had we departed than we had to return due to engine trouble, then change planes.

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  3. Congratulations, Annette. This book looks and sounds wonderful! I love that this is a chapter book, so you can really delve into the lives of Wilbur and Orville. My first trip to Europe was by ocean liner when I was 9. My second trip was when I was about 12 and I remember having a great time goofing around with some other kids on the plane. Now, I’ve developed a fear of heights and am afraid to fly. Yikes, what would Wilbur and Orville have thought of me! I look forward to reading about your book on Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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  4. Your book looks very comprehensive, Annette. Congratulations! I have been to both Wright Brothers museums – one in their hometown of Dayton, OH and the other in Kill Devil Hills, NC, where their plane first book flight. They were smart and interesting men and I’m glad you used your talent to write this. I think teachers and librarians – as well as young readers – will find it very useful.

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  5. This sounds like a wonderful book, and it’d be perfect for my hometown, Wapakoneta, Ohio. It’s also the hometown of Neil Armstrong. I wrote a book about NEIL ARMSTRONG’S WIND TUNNEL DREAM. I knew about the wind tunnel, but I didn’t know his model was the Wright Brother’s tunnel, the one that helped them become first in flight.

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  6. I have books published that are all work-for-hire for educational publishers so I’m always looking to read and study books that are being published this way today, especially nonfiction ones. My first plane ride was with my mom to FL to visit her mom (I still remember I got to meet the pilots and got my own wings pin). I shared on tumblr: https://yesreaderwriterpoetmusician.tumblr.com/post/624906091910823936/happy-book-birthday-the-story-of-the-wright

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  7. Dayton is pround about being the home of the Wright Brothers.Her book sounds interesting. I believe their bicycle shop is still a visitor site. I worked at Wright-Patterson AFB much of my professional career. If she hasn’t already, Annette or her publicist may want to try to contact the USAF Musuem gift shop to see if they may be interested in carrying her book. The Wright-B Flyer is also a popular site, with a hangar at a regional airport in Springboro, OH. It flies in a lot of local holiday events and during the big International Dayton Air Show in July. Annette may know this, but thought I’d share.

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  8. Congratulations! I remember when I was a child (quite a few years ago) I was into reading biographies. One that stays in my mind even today was a book about the Wright Brothers. This looks like a very good one. I can’t tell you about my first plane ride because I’ve never flown in a plane.

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  9. Congrats! My husband would LOVE this book. 🙂 He is fascinated by airplanes. My first airplane ride was with my mother and 3 siblings as we traveled to WA to visit grandparents. Back then, they gave us the seats at the front with more space, little pins to wear, cards to play with, all sorts of child-friendly fun. 🙂

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