Perfect Picture Book Friday: I WISH YOU KNEW Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends!

Today’s featured book is going to touch your heart – and if you leave a comment and share the post on social media, you might be the lucky winner of the copy of I WISH YOU KNEW that author Jackie Azua Kramer.

Launching May 25, 2021


Written by Jackie Azua Kramer

Illustrated by Magdalena Mora

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Ages: 4-7

Themes: Deportation, immigration, family

Synopsis: From Amazon:

When Estrella’s father has to leave because
he wasn’t born here, like her,
She misses him.
And she wishes people knew the way it affects her.
At home. At school.
But a school wrapped around a hundred-year-old oak tree is the perfect place to share and listen.
Some kids miss family,
Some kids are hungry,
Some kids live in shelters.

But nobody is alone.

A story about deportation, divided families, and the importance of community in the midst of uncertainty.

OH MY GOODNESS…this is a must-have book for schools and homes and libraries! And there is also a version in Spanish!

To find out more about the author: Twitter @jackiekramer422 Instagram


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Make a Pair of Listening Ears: Why not make a pair for each member of the family – and when your child feels he or she isn’t being listened to, they can grab the listening ears and give it to the person they want to talk with. Or make a game for the family – during story time or discussion time, everyone wears the listening ears except for the person who is speaking. For detailed instructions on how to make this craft:

Please remember that the best way to thank an author for a book that you love is to buy the book, review the book (reviews REALLY help), tell friends about the book, ask your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

And don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway! Did you ever feel you weren’t being listened to? Please share.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Please stay safe and be well and stop by tomorrow when author Katie Frawley comes by to chat.

25 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: I WISH YOU KNEW Plus Giveaway

  1. Oh Vivian, thank you for sharing this book on your blog. This was something I experienced as a teacher. When I chaired the all school writing contest, I had an essay from a kindergarten student who wrote about why Dads are important. It was a lovely essay but I always read them without the names. As the contest progressed, I learned it was written by a student whose dad had been deported. It went from touching my heart to ripping it out.
    I wish this book all the success it deserves.

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  2. “Some kids miss family,
    Some kids are hungry,
    Some kids live in shelters.“

    So important for these stories to be told. Thank you for featuring this book!

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  3. I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since the deal was announced!

    I’m struggling to answer your question. I often feel like I am not being listened to, but more on a surface level (I have young kids), but I am recognizing my privilege to not have a deeper, more upsetting example of not being listened to.

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  4. What a timely story for all the children missing something during these difficult times. Thank you for showcasing this wonderful book for us.

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  5. Wow. Love love love. Thank you for this post Vivian. Congratulations on such a beautiful book, Jackie! I’m Canadian so commenting only. So, so often growing up I recall feeling I needed more ears to listen. Anyway I will request from library and will review etc! Thank you! All the best. Rosanna Montanaro

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  6. This book sounds wonderful, what a great way to let kids get a window into another world they might not be aware of. I feel like it’s so iimportant for every voice to be heard and every experience to be acknowledged. I was shy in elementary school and afraid to share my voice, but reading books and having good friends and teachers gave me the courage to be brave and let go of my shyness. I think this is a book that will help many children to be heard.

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  7. Listening is such a gift! The loneliness of people who are not listened to is real and painful. My 91-year-old immigrant mother just complained that the one thing that really bothers her is when healthcare workers or insurance people speak to her on the phone, they often need to ask her birthdate for ID purposes, and as soon as she tells them the year she was born, they ask, “Is there anyone else there we can talk to?” She said, “They don’t listen.” I can’t wait to share this book with her.

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