Book Birthday: IF YOUR BABYSITTER IS A BRUJA Plus Giveaway

Hurray! It’s another fabulous new book! It’s filled with heart and humor and the illustrations just pop right off the page! A new favorite for bedtime, Halloween-time, or any time you want to read a great book to your kids! And thanks to the author, you might be the lucky winner of a copy of this book…make sure you leave a comment and share the post!

Written by Ana Siquiera – Illustrated by Irena Freitas – Published by Simon & Schuster

Here’s a little bit about the book:

On the night before Halloween, a new babysitter might be more than she appears. If she wears a black sombrero and cackles like a crow, she might just be a bruja! One little girl is determined not to fall victim to an evil witch or her cats. She knows bath time is really the bruja’s way of putting her in a boiling cauldron, and the only way to keep her at bay is with a magic potion—or is it?

With boundless imagination and plenty of tricks up her sleeve, the young protagonist may just have the best night ever!

Here’s a little bit about the author:

Ana Siqueira is an award-winning author from Brazil who cackles but doesn’t wear hats. When not flying with brujas, she teaches Spanish to adorable little ones, where she casts a learning spell that nobody can resist. Besides Bella’s Recipe for Success and If Your Babysitter Is a Bruja, Ana has also published a Spanish early reader for the education market. She loves being an abuela and a vovó to her Cuban-Brazilian American grandkids. She lives in Florida with her husband, who just might be a wizard. To learn more about Ana and her books:

Here is the cover of the Spanish edition

And here’s a little bit about the illustrator:

Irena Freitas is an artist and illustrator. She has an MFA in illustration from SCAD and loves illustrating people, funny situations that happen in daily life, and whimsical stories. When she is not reading and illustrating books she likes to travel and visit new places. Irena lives in Manaus, Brazil. To learn more about the illustrator and her work:

New books need our help…we can buy them, review them, tell friends about them, and ask our local library to purchase copies for their collection.

And please don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway of a copy of this awesome book! Also, remember to share the post on your social media…we want LOTS of people to find out about this book!

30 thoughts on “Book Birthday: IF YOUR BABYSITTER IS A BRUJA Plus Giveaway

  1. Sounds like a great read for my grandchild. He calls me strega-bruja in Italian when I manage to outwit him. Congratulations! Suena como una gran lectura para mi nieto. Me llama strega-bruja en italiano cuando logro burlarlo. Felicidades!

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