Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! Today’s featured book isn’t actually a picture book…well, it has lots of pictures in it…and it’s definitely a book that kids will love reading…and using! I met the author at a local SCBWI meeting – and we connected immediately (she happens to come from Brooklyn, just like me) and I loved what she was all about. “I want to write about nature so I can reach people not just with my teaching, but with my words” – And now she has a book that will help her do that! The title is: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE…but the subtitle gives you a clearer picture of what a fun book this will be for kids – and their parents: HOW TO PROWL FOR AN OWL, MAKE SNAIL SLIME, AND CATCH A FROG BARE-HANDED – 50 ACTIVITIES TO GET WILD WITH ANIMALS.

ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE: How To Prowl for an Owl, Make Snail Slime, and Catch a Frog Bare-Handed

Written by Susie Spikol

Illustrated by Becca Hall

Published by Roost Books

Ages: 5-9

Themes: Nature/Animal Activities, Conservation, Citizen Scientist

Synopsis: From Amazon:

Calling all animal lovers! 50 hands-on activities and adventures that bring you closer to wild animals than you’ve ever been.

Have you ever followed animal tracks in the mud or chased after the glowing trail of a firefly in the night sky? Want to know how to hold a snake, feed a bird from your hat, and help salamanders cross the road? If so, you’re not just an animal lover—you’re an animal adventurer, and this is the book for you. It’s packed full of hands-on activities and projects that bring you closer to wild animals than ever before—from feathery birds and furry mammals to slippery herps, crawly arthropods, and other intriguing invertebrates. You’ll get insider tips about tools and techniques of the trade, become a citizen scientist, and then record handy field notes about all your amazing animal discoveries.

Look inside to learn how to:

  • Track wild animals any time of year 
  • Use a flashlight for night vision to spy on nocturnal animals
  • Start your very own animal scat collection and impress your friends
  • Build a wildlife blind and become invisible to animals around you
  • Collect things like snakeskins, fossils, and feathers
  • Keep a wild guide to your own backyard
  • And so much more!

Why I Love This Book:
1. 50 fantastic nature-based activities that will engage kids and spark their curiosity
2. Written by a nature expert and life-long animal lover, this book provides insider tips, tools, and techniques for observing and interacting with nature and animals and will encourage kids to become citizen scientists.
3. The illustrations are awesome!

And here’s a bit about the author from the Harris Center for Conservation Education site:
Susie Spikol is one of those rare individuals who discovered her life calling early and found the ideal workplace to give it expression. Susie has worn many hats throughout her almost 30-year career with the Harris Center. Over the years, she’s been the Wol’sNest camp director; a teacher-naturalist in the ConVal, Jaffrey, and Rindge school districts; the Community Programs Coordinator responsible for family and adult-oriented education programs, including the Environmental Studies Institute; founder of unique educational initiatives such as the LAB GIRLS afterschool program; and leader of countless hikes, paddles, winter tracking expeditions, and other wild-inspired jaunts. In her current role as Community Programs Director, she is also coordinating all of our 50th Anniversary events.
“I believe in my heart that when we touch a wild animal – even a tiny one, like a ladybug or caterpillar – that those are the times that we really find kinship to other living things.”

To learn more about Susie and to connect with her:
Instagram: @susiespikol


Photo courtesy:
The book itself is FILLED with activities. But if you are looking for additional activities that are more arts and crafts oriented, how about checking out this link:

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. If it’s nice enough weather, maybe you can go outdoors and enjoy NATURE! But before you get busy doing that, please make sure you leave a comment and share this post on social media and maybe ask your local library to purchase a copy of THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE for their collection because there is a giveaway, thanks to Susie who is generously offering a copy of the book. We all know that great books need our help to succeed and this is one that the kiddos will love! If you get to read the book, you can review it here. Honestly, Amazon reviews are so important. And if you don’t win the copy and want one of your own, you can purchase it at any indie bookstore, on Amazon, or here.

20 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE Plus Giveaway

  1. Oh my gosh, this is my kind of book! My girls and I were always the catch a frog / dig for worms / take care of injured birds type of family. I must have it! Great, unique topic. Congratulations!

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  2. I loved tracking animals as a child — especially in the winter snow. This book would have been a favorite for me! Love the suggested activities too! Great gift book for animal lovers. Also the big Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count is coming up Dec 14 – Jan 5. Followed by the Backyard Bird Count in February.

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  3. What a fascinating book Susie!
    It is not geared only to 5-9 kids, it is a treasure for all ages. Many grandparents will use it to experience wonderful moments with their grandchildren, Science teachers, girl scouts, boy scouts, and many more.
    Becca, wonderful illustrations!
    Many children see animals only while visiting the zoo. Thank you Susie for motivating them to explore Science in such a simple, deep, and fun way.
    Visiting National Parks, taking care of the environment, birdwatching, and navigating toward green careers are a few outcomes of the impact of your book on all readers.
    Love your website, your job (jobs) and your passion!

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