Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! Today’s featured book isn’t actually a picture book…well, it has lots of pictures in it…and it’s definitely a book that kids will love reading…and using! I met the author at a local SCBWI meeting – and we connected immediately (she happens to come from Brooklyn, just like me) and I loved what she was all about. “I want to write about nature so I can reach people not just with my teaching, but with my words” – And now she has a book that will help her do that! The title is: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE…but the subtitle gives you a clearer picture of what a fun book this will be for kids – and their parents: HOW TO PROWL FOR AN OWL, MAKE SNAIL SLIME, AND CATCH A FROG BARE-HANDED – 50 ACTIVITIES TO GET WILD WITH ANIMALS.

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