Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! Today’s featured book isn’t actually a picture book…well, it has lots of pictures in it…and it’s definitely a book that kids will love reading…and using! I met the author at a local SCBWI meeting – and we connected immediately (she happens to come from Brooklyn, just like me) and I loved what she was all about. “I want to write about nature so I can reach people not just with my teaching, but with my words” – And now she has a book that will help her do that! The title is: THE ANIMAL ADVENTURER’S GUIDE…but the subtitle gives you a clearer picture of what a fun book this will be for kids – and their parents: HOW TO PROWL FOR AN OWL, MAKE SNAIL SLIME, AND CATCH A FROG BARE-HANDED – 50 ACTIVITIES TO GET WILD WITH ANIMALS.

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Perfect Picture Book Friday: HAPPY OWL-OWEEN Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. The days are getting shorter, the temps are getting colder…and we are getting closer to a holiday that used to be a huge favorite with my kids: HALLOWEEN. They loved dressing up, they loved staying up later, and most of all, they loved the – CANDY! Of course, I always tried to make healthy snacks to give out when kids came trick-or-treating…but that stopped when we had that scare in the fall of 1982 and we were checking our kid’s candy and only giving out stuff that was sealed. And I cannot tell a lie…even before that I would confiscate their trick-or-treat bags and dole out one piece a day…first of all because I didn’t want them eating too much…and second of all, because I was a lover of candy and would pull out the York Peppermint Patties (remember those?) which were my favorite. These days, I love Twix and KitKats – my grandson is a sweetheart and always shares those with me. And now, finally, let’s meet our Perfect Picture Book, HAPPY OWL-OWEEN! A Halloween Story by the lovely Laura Gehl who is offering a giveaway of a brand new copy…please make sure you leave a comment. Maybe you can tell us what your favorite candy is. Or maybe you can share what character you had the most fun dressing up as.

HAPPY OWL-OWEEN: A Halloween Story

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Perfect Picture Book Friday: A DOG’S GUIDE TO BEING HUMAN Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. Kids love stories about dogs. And they love stories about new babies coming home. Author Shanna Silva combined both of those themes and came up with a winner! And one of you is also going to be a winner…because there is going to be a giveaway of this wonderful book!

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