Perfect Picture Book Friday: PATTERNS EVERYWHERE Plus Double Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! I’m really excited about today’s featured book, PATTERNS EVERYWHERE. Do you want to know why?
1. I’ve met the author in person!
2. This is a book that parents and teachers will love reading with kids…actually, they will love reading it even without their kids…it’s glorious and inspiring and so informative!
3. Lisa participated in the 2020 #PBChat Mentorship Program – I got to read this manuscript and I loved it so much, she received an Honorable Mention and a critique from me. This is a little bit of the feedback I sent her:

Actually, all I can say is that this definitely needs to be a book! In my opinion, it is darn near perfect! I love everything about it…the topic, the rhythm and rhyme (spot on!), the sidebars (teachers will LOVE this), and you’ve found a way to create an arc of sorts…using the seasons as your structure.
Lisa…I love how your refrain always ends with ‘patterns, patterns’…it’s soothing and satisfying!
And I love how you invite the reader both in the beginning ‘let’s find designs’…and at the end ‘what might you discover there’.

That was in 2020…and now PATTERNS EVERYWHERE is launching as a real book on April 4th, 2023.

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