Perfect Picture Book Friday…I almost missed it. And then I realized that tomorrow is Saturday…the third Saturday of the month… the Will Write for Cookies Saturday which this weekend will feature the incredible Diana Murray.

I was lucky enough to win some swag from Diana…one of the items was an advance copy of her newly launching picture book, City Shapes.  I fell in love with it!!! So I chose it for today’s review. PLUS, if you leave a comment telling us your FAVORITE city, you’ll be entered in the random drawing for a brand new copy of this brand new book!

city shapes cover

City Shapes

Written by Diana Murray

Illustrated by Bryan Collier

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2016)

Ages: 3 and up

Themes: City life, shapes, curiosity


From Amazon:

From shimmering skyscrapers to fluttering kites to twinkling stars high in the sky, everyday scenes become extraordinary as a young girl walks through her neighborhood noticing exciting new shapes at every turn. Far more than a simple concept book, City Shapes is an explosion of life. Diana Murray’s richly crafted yet playful verse encourages readers to discover shapes in the most surprising places, and Bryan Collier’s dynamic collages add even more layers to each scene in this ode to city living.

Why I like this book:

  • Wonderful rhyming text encourages young children to join in with the reading.
  • I’m a New York City girl, born and bred…so this book is close to my heart.
  • The illustrations are magnificent…can I say that again? MAGNIFICENT!
  • Great read-aloud.
  • Parents and teachers can use this story as a springboard for a discussion on shapes or city life.


Related Activies:

Take a walk with your child whether you live in the city or in the country. Observe. Discuss. Then go back home and draw pictures of what you saw. You can help your child make his or her own book by stapling the pages together. Ask your child to describe what was seen and write that on each page.


Have a wonderful weekend! Please don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our wonderful interview with Diana Murray. And leave a comment telling us which city is your favorite one…you might be the lucky winner of a copy of Diana’s brand new book!

34 thoughts on “PPBF: City Shapes PLUS GIVEAWAY

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  2. New York City, just walking the streets is an adventure! There’s so much to do that doesn’t require monetary investment and there’s interesting sites, performances, and activities for everyone’s taste. When my daughter was 10 we gave her the choice: Disney or NYC? She chose NYC and still finds It to be one of the best adventures we’ve had as a family!

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  3. I’m excited about this book! 🙂
    I have lots of favorite cities, but right now, I’d have to choose Conway, Arkansas–because that’s where my sweet granddaughter lives. 🙂

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  4. What a beautiful looking book! My favourite city is Singapore! From it’s skyscrapers to Colonial black and white houses. It’s innovative architechture and stunning sky trees! It’s bustling streets, it’s afternoon rainstorms and its mixing pot of cultures! I ❤️ Singapore!

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    • Yup…Singapore is a very beautiful city, Julie! Would love to get a chance to go back…but I’d also love to come to Europe and travel around, stopping at cities where my writing friends live so I could get to meet some of them…like you!


  5. Congratulations, Diana! I’m looking forward to reading your lovely book. Vivian, we just moved our daughter to NYC to start a new job. What a fascinating and stimulating city. Can’t wait to go back and visit her this summer and explore even more!

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    • Having lived in NYC for the first 2 years of my life, I do appreciate the amazing swath of cultures…if you love food, it’s a place where you can get just about anything. Enjoy your visit and hope your daughter’s job is all that she hopes it will be, Judy. 😉


  6. My favorite city is Anchorage, Alaska (where I live). It’s a city without being TOO big. It has most everything one could need and you can still escape to the wild within a few minutes of driving. =)

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