Perfect Picture Book Friday: I LOVE YOU FOR MILES AND MILES Plus Giveaway

Hooray for reading picture book stories! That’s what Perfect Picture Book Friday is all about, right?

And Hooray for writing picture book stories. That’s what Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest is all about…did you enter? There is still time to write your story and post it on your blog or on her page. Just click here. Great prizes…critiques and books!

And speaking of prizes, hooray and thanks to author Gregory Bray for the giveaway of a copy of THE BATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. And the winner is…


Congratulations, Sue. Let’s connect so Greg can get you the book.

And now, since it is Friday, I have a super lovely review for you! It’s Alison Goldberg’s debut picture book and it launches the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!



Written by Alison Goldberg

Illustrated by Mike Yamada

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (December 26, 2017)

Ages: 2-6

Themes: Reassurance, love, vehicles


From Amazon: Love can be stronger than the strongest excavator, longer than the longest train, and taller than the tallest crane. And no matter where you go, love travels with you always. With exciting imagery and engaging, lyrical text, Alison Goldberg and Mike Yamada’s I Love You for Miles and Miles is an I-love-you book perfect for children who love things that go!

Why I like this book:

  • Simple yet lyrical rhyme that young kids will love
  • Bold colorful illustrations
  • So much heart in the text and in the expressions on the faces of each character…this is definitely an AWWWW book…perfect for bedtime or anytime


Advent Calendar Train

matchboxesPhoto courtesy:

For detailed instructions:

Paper Plate Cars

paper plate carsPhoto courtesy:

For detailed instructions:

Dear friends, we are in a very busy time of the year. I know many of you are juggling home, family, job, and your writing career. Sometimes it just seems like there isn’t enough time for everything. Please make sure you do find the time to sit with your children…hold them…read with them (even if they are older)…and if you can, get out the craft supplies and make something together. Those are the memories that will last…not the expensive toy or gadget they see on TV.

Please leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway of a copy of I LOVE YOU FOR MILES AND MILES…if you want to find out more about the book or order it, check out the author’s page or an indie bookseller, and definitely be back here tomorrow for our Q&A with debut picture book author, ALISON GOLDBERG.





33 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: I LOVE YOU FOR MILES AND MILES Plus Giveaway

  1. Children seem to love rhyme. My own children are grown, but this book would be a welcome addition to my personal library for future grandchildren to enjoy when they come to visit Grandma. 🙂


  2. My kids always loved “things that go” in their picture books. Combining those things with sweet emotions sounds like a perfect combination! Congrats, Alison! Love Mike’s cover illustration, too!


  3. I think all kids love things that go, from trains to alien spaceships. This book sounds fun for me to read too as I also am a kid at heart when it comes to riding trains (especially the one at the zoo) or driving a convertible.


  4. Congrats, Sue! What a great combo, love and vehicles! I’ve got to take a look at this one. Thanks for the heads up, Vivian!

    Oh, and I just entered Susanna’s contest! Whew! Finally done moving the words around in the rhyme puzzle…..Looking forward to reading everyone’s entries!

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  5. Thank you for posting I Love you for Miles and Miles. It’s a perfect book for me because my husband’s name is Mile. It’s a Croatian name. So it would be perfect for me to buy this for him!


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