Happy Mother’s Day: #50PreciousWordsforKids – Here Are Their Stories Plus a Giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day! I decided to share the #50PreciousWordsforKids stories on this special day – kind of a gift to all the moms out there.


What a thrill to receive so many amazing stories! I loved reading all of their precious words. And what is so astonishing, is that each story is so different. Different topics. Different styles of writing. Different formats. Which just goes to prove that each of us is unique, special, one-of-a-kind – to be treasured and cherished.

All who participated are to be commended – a job well-done! Some of the stories feel like the beginning of a book to me. Please make sure you leave a comment and let the kids know how much you appreciate their efforts and enthusiasm. And guess what? Everyone who leaves a comment gets a ticket in the giveaway hat and one lucky person will receive a signed copy of one of my books – winner’s choice!

Every child who wrote a story received a Certificate of Participation. And some of the kids drew illustrations which you will find at the end of the post. Parents and Teachers…if you see I’ve made a mistake with a name or anything, please email me and I will correct it.

Certificate JPEG (1)

And now, without further ado…here are the stories in the order I received them:

The Sidewalk
by Harrison – Age 8 – Grade 3 – Westchester, New York

One day Dara was walking along the sidewalk. Suddenly she slipped and came crashing to the ground.

”Waaaaaah,” bawled Dara. Dara ran home. She got home and lay down. From then on Dara was afraid of sidewalks.

Then months later school started and Dara walked on the sidewalk again.


 The Forest Glade
by Lorelei Gorman – Age 12 – Grade 6 – Long Island, New York

The tranquil waters of the lake envelope me

It caresses me with cool hands

I submerge myself in the serenity of trees, swaying in the breeze

The blades of grass edging towards the water, flipping back

The clouds in the sky uncurl

To reveal the sultry rays of the sun


Ivan Bot, Jr.
By Ralphie – Age 6 – Grade 1 – Lake Placid, Florida

Ivan Bot Jr. is a drill bot. He searches for T. Rex mega-bones.

He finds one!

Ivan tries to get it out with his shovel hand. But he accidentally breaks it!

He uses glue from his robo-pocket to attach it back together.


Ivan puts the bone in a museum.


Moon’s Out-of-this-World Birthday Party
by Nora – Grade 8 – Tucson, Arizona

Sun planned a birthday party for Moon.

Everyone in the solar system was invited.

But as Sun was getting the games and treats ready, she broke Moon’s gift!

When moon arrived, she received no gift. But she didn’t care.

Who needs gifts when you have a best friend.


 Taken Away
by Lauren – Age 10, Grade 4 – Fairfax, Virginia

On a Sunday afternoon,
Mom walks in with a canvas,
Blank. Big.
She says, “For you. To paint.”

We think.
As we do, the sky turns gray.
Rain falls.
We begin painting.

Sunny skies.
A boat.
It sails whoosh.
A golden sun shines.

Taken away,
By a sunny day,


The Boy and the Opossum
by Gabel – Age 6 – Kindergarten – Mobile, Alabama

It was morning and the boy went to school. The opossum grew giant! He was…


He had to fight the slug-villain Mega Mucus.

Opossum has slo-mo power.

Mega Mucus says, “I have mucus!”

“I have a prehensile tail!” says Opossum.

At nighttime the boy gave Opossum a snacky-snack.


Awesome-A Saves the Day
Marley – Age: 9 – Grade 3 – Mobile, Alabama

Avery Anderson was stuck at home because of evil…
Avery was Awesome-A and while flustered, she baked the Make You Happy Muffins super-speedy!
Avery forgot she couldn’t hand them out. How would she survive!?
Then she had it!
Avery would make, then mail, cards to help people feel appreciated!


The Rainbow
by Emmy – Age 6 – Kindergarten – La Mirada, CA

One day, there was a rainbow that had beautiful colors.
So beautiful that there was a pot of gold at the end.
At night it disappeared but the stars came out.
Morning came and it was raining and raining!
The sun came then the rainbow came back.


The Wrestler
by Brayden – Age 9 – Grade 3 – La Mirada, CA

There was a boy who made a mess eating his favorite snack
He had to do ten but only did one jumping jack
He had a wrestling match and lost
He trained day after day until his opponent got tossed
After he was victorious
He suddenly became notorious


No Dogs on the Beach
by Chloe – Age 8 – Grade 2 – Hollis, New Hampshire

Once there was a dog who lived on the beach.
He saw a sign that said “No Dogs Allowed!”
He decided to live with a family. He didn’t like them.
He returned to the beach and met a fairy.
She turned him into a narwhal.
He swam away.


Fox Tea
by Eva – Age 8 – Grade 2 – Hollis, New Hampshire

One day, Turtle and Frog were walking.
They saw Fox.
Fox invited them for tea.
Once they arrived, the table was empty.
Fox said, “You are my tea!”
They pushed Fox into the oven and they had fox tea!”
And they all lived happily ever after, except for the fox.


The Dog Who Always Comes Home
by Rainer – Age 10 – Grade 4 – Brooklyn, New York

Once there was a dog who did not come when he was called.
One morning before his breakfast, we let him out alone as an experiment.
When we called him for his breakfast, he came back in for his food.
Now he is an adventurous dog, who always comes home.


Diary of a Coconut
by Jeremy – Age 11 – Grade 5 – Merrimack, New Hampshire

Monday: Today I was picked off a tree!
Tuesday: I’m in a box with my fellow coconuts and some jerk bananas.
Wednesday: I’m getting loaded on to a boat going to Boston.
Thursday: I’m in a factory getting turned into liquid! Ow!
Friday: I’m in an almond joy! Help me!


Stuck in Space
Raaga – Age 12 – Grade 6 – Germantown, Maryland

I sat with a blank paper in my hand. I didn’t know what to write.
Suddenly, I got an idea.
“It was dark.  I couldn’t believe I was in outer space.”
I kept writing.
Soon, I found myself in outer space, just like my character.

And I couldn’t go back.


Mystery of the Black Daisies
by Jia Karthik – Age 8 – Grade 2 – Amherst, New Hampshire

Fee-b had been planting daisies.
To her surprise, during a visit, she found the white daisies were turning black.
She and her friends decided to solve the mystery. They had a stakeout and found it was snake’s venom that turned them black.
They set the trap. It worked!!
Mystery solved.


Meet-up at the Pond
by Marina Ismurzin – Age 6 – Kindergarten – Austria

Horse gallops to the pond.
“Hello Fish, how are you?” she asks.
Before Fish can answer, Bear stomps up.
Then Dog runs along.
“Am I too late?” he woofs.
Rabbit hops along. Sniffle snuffle!
Mouse sneaks up.
“EEEEEE!” she squeaks.
They all fall into the water.

The Mystery Ice Cream
by Dash – Age 6 – Grade 1 – Holmdel, New Jersey

A boy went to the Bent Spoon.
He asked for the mint dip ice cream, one scoop.
But he got two scoops of the pickle ice cream.
He did not know until he licked it.
Double Yuck!!!!

The Tornado of Spicy Drink Land
by Ashton – Age 6 – Kindergarten – Frankfurt, Germany

Mr. Jiwon was a tornado. He swooped up whatever he wanted and it made him happy. One day, he sucked up a whole box of spicy drinks.
It was so spicy that he exploded!
He went up to heaven and saw angels.
They said, “I love you!”

 T-Rex Goes Hunting
by Blake – Age 6 – Kindergarten – Frankfurt, Germany

T-Rex went hunting.
He found a pterodactyl but it was too high so he kept hunting.
He found a long neck but it was too strong so he kept hunting.
He found a rhinoceros herd but there were too many.
So he found a mate and they found food together.

by Katherine – Age 12 – Grade 6 – New York, NY

I close my eyes.
The person next to me is crying.
NOT helping.
My mom holds my hand.
I start to sweat.
I bite my lip, too afraid to scream.
All done.
I did not feel a thing.
I open my eyes and smile.
I love my new haircut.

The Pronoun-Lover

by Lizzie – Age 9 – Grade 4 – Amherst, New Hampshire

Once there was a dragon.
He met a lady dragon.
He said, “I love you so!”
She said, “I know you do
and I love you!”
They married and
lived ‘Happily Ever After’
and had lots of baby dragons
named ‘Draggy’ and ‘Heshe’ and ‘Herhim’ and ‘Yorsweet’.
Now it is—


WOW! WOW! WOW! I am so blown away by the quality of these stories. They are REALLY GOOD! Great characters…lots of action…humor and heart…I see the promise of the future writers of the world!

Thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped by encouraging their kids.

If anyone didn’t get a chance to submit a story, it is NEVER too late. Please email your precious words to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com and I will be sure to add it.

Some of our young authors are also budding artists and I’m going to post their illustrations here.

Ivan Bot Jr illustration from Ralphie Congdonby Ralphie – Age 6 – Ivan Bot, Jr.

fox tea illustrationby Eva – Age 8 – Fox Tea

no dogs at the beach illustrationby Chloe – Age 8 – No Dogs on the Beach

best friends in black daisy storyjia daisy with snakewhite daisyby Jia – Age 8 – The Mystery of the Black Daisies

Meet-up at the Pond pictureby Marina – Age 6 – Meet Up at the Pond

Happy Mother’s Day…please be safe and well, my friends. And don’t forget to leave a comment below to be entered into the giveaway of a signed copy of one of my books!

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  1. Aww, love it! Especially surprised to see that one of my daughter’s book club pals entered–yeah her!! 🙂 Thx for putting together another fun challenge, Vivian. You rock. These kid writers rock too! 🙂

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