Perfect Picture Book Friday: A PENNY’S WORTH Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. And Happy National One-Cent Day. Yup…there is really a National One-Cent Day…and today’s featured book is perfect for it! You know how people sometimes tell you: a penny for your thoughts? Well, today’s book is definitely worth many many pennies! It’s the debut picture book of one of my Storm sisters, Kimberly Wilson. And Kimberly is very generously offering a giveaway of a 20-minute Zoom chat AND a copy of A PENNY’S WORTH.


Written by Kimberly Wilson

Illustrated by Mark Hoffmann

Published by Page Street Kids (2022)

Ages: 4-8

Themes: Self-worth, humor, wordplay

Synopsis: From the publisher:
Pennies, worthless? Non-cents!

Hot off the minting press, Penny feels like a million bucks. But as other coins and bills are spent while she sits forgotten, she begins to doubt her value. She is too small to slot-surf with Quarter. Even penny candy sells for a dime! Refusing to be short-changed, she sets out to find her purpose at any cost.

Readers will laugh at a wealth of money puns, learn a basic lesson on US currency, and discover that self-worth is truly priceless.

Why I Love This Book:

  1. So funny and puny – exactly what kids love to read!
  2. The illustrations are engaging and very kid-friendly!
  3. Teaching kids that self-worth is priceless is, in my opinion, priceless! And I love that the message is delivered with such great humor!

To find out more about the author:
Instagram: @kimberlywilsonwrites
Twitter: @authorkimwilson


Make a Penny Photo Frame

Photo courtesy:

Lots of us have penny jars – you could use other coins if you don’t have enough pennies. And check out 5 more fun penny crafts for kids here:

Please don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the giveaway of a 20-minute Zoom chat with the author AND a copy of A PENNY’S WORTH. Maybe you can share what you used the money for if you ever had a penny or piggy bank? And remember that we can support our favorite books by buying them, reviewing them, telling friends about them, and asking our local library to purchase copies for their collection.

I hope you all have a wonderful April Fool’s Day and National One-Cent Day…and a safe and happy weekend.

28 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: A PENNY’S WORTH Plus Giveaway

  1. This looks like such a fun book! I love pennies! When I taught kindergarten, we celebrated 100 days of school. One activity we enjoyed was counting pennies! Each student brought in 100 pennies, we counted, and if they wanted, I traded them a dollar bill. (Learning about money and building my penny collection). Can’t wait to read your book, Kimberly! Congrats!

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